Robbie Williams Rejoins Take That!

It’s been 15 years since Robbie Williams left Take That and broke millions of teen hearts across the nation. Just like when Geri left the Spice Girls, the group we’re never really the same without a key member. And when the group re-formed five years ago, Robbie declined to join his former band mates. But yesterday, to many fans delight, Take That announced that Robbie will in fact be joining the band and they’ll release a new album and are expected to embark on a big tour as well.

A statement from the band last night said:

‘The rumours are true… Take That: the original line-up, have written and recorded a new album for release later this year.’

Is Robbie Williams back for good? No not quite. Apparently Robbie, 36, will join Gary Barlow, 39, Howard Donald, 42, Jason Orange, 40 and Mark Owen, 38, for one year only and then return to being a solo artist. 

I’m a huge Take That fan and Robbie was always my favourite member of the band, but for some reason I’m not particularly jumping out of my seat on hearing the news of his return.

Robbie left the band in 1995 after a huge fallout with the other members, who disagreed with his heavy drug taking and conflicts with Gary Barlow over musical direction also sealed the bands fate. While Take That split in 1996 – just a year after Robbie’s departure – with the members practically fading into obscurity, Robbie went on to be a solo superstar. He is Britain’s biggest ever solo artist and hits such as “Angles” solidified his place in music history.

However Robbie’s power in the music industry has since declined. His popularity has faded a lot since the “Rock DJ” heyday. His last album shifted just 1million copies, which for most musicians is incredible, but for Robbie’s standards, it’s quite low.

On the other hand Take That are going from strength to strength. Since reforming in 2005, the band has continuously topped the charts and played big sold out stadium tours – making them probably even more successful (and definitely more credible) this time around.

Basically my point is it seems Robbie is joining his old band mates now that his career is not as big as it once was and Take That are really successful at the moment. He kind of needs them more than they need him. Maybe I’m being too cynical – but hey, that’s just my opinion.

But with that all said, I’ve been a Take That fan since I was about seven years old and had posters of them all over my  wall, so regardless of the reasoning behind Robbie’s return, I guess I am pretty excited to see the original line. To see them sing “Re-light My Fire” and “Could it Be Magic” as a five-piece would totally take me back to the early ‘90’s. Oh shoot who am I kidding? It’s great to have the original Take That boys men back together.

Their new album will be released exactly 20 years since the band first sang live on TV in 1990. A moment of nostalgia occurs…


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  1. Robbie Williams is a drama queen, who always wants to be the center of attention, I hope he does not derail Take That. They have worked hard and deserve thier successful.

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