Hype Williams To Direct New Rick Ross x Kanye West Video…

He recently worked with M.I.A and Busta Rhymes, now Hype Williams will direct the visuals for Rick Ross and Kanye West’s new track, ‘Live Fast, Die Young’. During an interview with 1515, Rick Ross confirmed the news…

“Yeah, the homie Yeezy, we decided on Hype Williams. Hype Williams will direct ‘Live Fast, Die Young’. Hit me up on Twitter @rickyrozay, and the reason I say that, I tweeted a picture of me and the homie Spike Lee. He came to my birthday party. I was brainstorming, like, ‘We need that different vibe.’ I tweeted a picture with me and the homie Spike.

“Ultimately, Hype will direct it. But look for Spike to do a Rozay video. I’ma be the first since Public Enemy‘s ‘Fight The Power’ and the other great videos he directed back in the day.”

Now that sounds like a must see project!


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