Lindsay Lohan To Only Serve 13 days Of Her 3 Month Prison Sentence!

So Lindsay Lohan is officially behind bars. Luckily for the ‘Mean Girls’ star she is only expected to serve just two weeks of her 90-day sentence, due to prison over-crowding.

It also seems that LiLo may be getting some ‘special treatment’ whilst in the pen. Recent reports are suggesting the actress has a TV in her room and gets three daily sets of clothing – the average inmate gets one change of clothing every couple of days apparently.

The clothes and TV may just be hearsay, but hopefully this prison sentence will be wake up call for Lindsay and be the thing that finally gets the one time ‘it girl’ of Hollywood to sort out her life. She’s only 24, so technically she’s got her whole career ahead of her. I’m not too sure if two weeks is enough time to really reflect and change, but hopefully it is. Because all the partying BS and tabloid headlines aside, the girl’s a really talented actress.


One response

  1. am sure this time lindsay has learnt a lesson and will not make any moremistakes. i still believe that celebrities always get better treatment everywhere.

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