Shyne Opens Up About The 1999 New Years Club Shooting!

Rapper Shyne graces the cover of the September issue of XXL Magazine and during the three-part in-depth interview, he opens up about the 1999 new year’s club shooting that lead to him serving nearly 10 years in jail. The Brooklyn native also expressed his disappointment in how his then boss P Diddy, handled the situation. In an excerpt given to MTV US, he candidly speaks of the night that would change his life and career, forever…

“In my life, when I make decisions to roll, I roll,” Shyne told the Magazine about firing a gun while partying with Diddy and the Bad Boy CEO’s then-girlfriend Jennifer Lopez at Club New York. “And I don’t give a f**k what the consequences are. If I’ma defend myself, I’ma defend myself. If somebody tryna kill or hurt one of my partnas or my comrades, that’s with me, there is no, ‘Yo,’ or, ‘Damn, well, if I pull this shit out, this is what’s gonna happen.’ No! I don’t wanna die. I don’t wanna be laid up in no fucking hospital with a tube runnin’ through me, hurtin’ and sufferin’. Pain is real. So you know what? I’m not doin’ that. You gon’ do that, motherf**ker. You gon’ roll and say hi to Satan, not me. And that’s that. Your survival instincts tell you to protect and preserve, and you deal with whatever later.”

In December of that year both Shyne and Diddy were charged, with Diddy being acquitted after a very public trial. Shyne on the other hand was found guilty on a number of charges, including first-degree assault and was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

After the trial, Shyne’s relationship with Diddy quickly evaporated. In past interviews he has lashed out at his former mentor, claiming he felt abandoned by him. The incident even contributed to Diddy changing his name – up until then he was known as Puff Daddy – saying he needed a fresh clean start.

After serving nearly nine years of his sentence, Shyne was released in October 2009 and immediately signed to Def Jam records. His attitude towards Diddy has since softened, but he still believes the situation could have been handled differently.

“You can always say, ‘Man, that ain’t the way to handle the situation,'” he told XXL. “Sure, I know in my soul that the situation was supposed to be handled in a different way. But it ain’t really a matter of disappointment or letdown, ’cause I never really … I grew up never having sh–, never having anybody. So I never was that dude to depend on a mother—-er. Obviously, the actions is not something that you condone or that you’re happy with. Not at all.”

Since getting back in the studio, Shyne’s distinctive deep voice has changed dramatically and is a million miles away from his signature sound that fans were so familiar with.

Young Jeezy also graces the split cover of the Magazine’s 13th anniversary issue.


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