Usher and Chilli Speak On Their Past Relationship!

Usher and Chilli were once to R&B what Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake were to pop. They were the golden couple who seemed so perfect together. But that happy image was crushed when it was revealed the ‘OMG’ singer was unfaithful to the former TLC front woman, an incident he explained in great detail in his 2004 album, ‘Confessions’.

In a just aired episode of VH1 Behind The Music, the pair go into detail and reveal the real reason behind their very public break up:
“I basically was settled, I wanted to be with this woman and wanted to do whatever I could to make her happy. I actually talked about marriage and it didn’t work. I don’t think she was ready for it. What I expected and wanted from her she wasn’t able to give me at the time.”
Seeing as Chilli wasn’t ready to settle down just yet, the pair decided to take a break, but agreed to stay faithful to one another. However, Usher broke that promise and it was during this period that he cheated, forcing the pair to split for good.
Explaining why she didn’t want to get married, Chillie says:
“I was just exhausted from all the bull crap that I had went through before. So I had defence mechanisms all around me. I was just nervous and I didn’t want to get hurt.”
On learning of Usher’s infidelity, Chilli explains:
“I never thought of him cheating. I just didn’t expect anything like that from him because of how much we loved each other but I just kept hearing about it so I went to him and asked him, and he admitted it. I felt like a fool. I felt like I was tricked. I felt like everyone knew something that I didn’t and I’m just now finding out. I just shut down completely. I just shut everything out because that was the only way I could cope with it.”
Usher later married Tameka Foster, who he shares two sons with. But he filed for divorce from the stylist in 2009. During the VH1 episode, both Chilli and Usher agreed that if they met at a different time, then the relationship would have most probably worked. Well now they’re both single, maybe their paths will cross again.

Who knows…


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