Dame Dash Felt Betrayed By Jay-Z!

Old-skool rap fans were given a slight glimmer of hope when Dame Dash openly expressed his desire to work with former business partner Jay-Z again. I grew up during those Roc-A-Fella years, so for me this was music to my ears.

The pair had an infamous fall out, resulting in the split of their iconic label, with Jay going on to create Roc Nation and becoming a mega superstar. However, things for Dame haven’t gone so smoothly – he’s been ravaged with countless lawsuits and there have been multiple reports suggesting the former mogul could be bankrupt.

In a recent interview Dame has claimed he was betrayed by Jay-Z on a personal and business level, saying his former friend did what a “criminal would do.”  Dame said he was offended when Jigga offered him the rights to the trademark name Roc-A-Fella in exchange for the masters of his 1996 debut album.

“We all earned those masters. The people that I was helping, once they realized their dreams, they did what a criminal would do,” Dame said whilst speaking with the Village Voice. “They stabbed you in the back. Think about the frustration of building a brand for years that should be taking care of your family, and then the person that was the closest to you saying, ‘Nah, you can’t have no parts of it’, and flushing it.”

I won’t be holding my breath for a reunion happening anytime soon then.


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