Eminem Talks About Kids, How He Became His Own Worst Enemy & Talking On The Phone With Elton John Once A Week!

In a recent chat with Spine Magazine, Eminem gave a very touching and in-depth interview. He opened up about how he speaks with Elton John once every week. The pair famously sang live together a decade ago and through the years Elton has mentored the Detroit rapper in his bid to beat his drug addiction. And although the 37-year-old is now completely drug free, he still has a close friendship with the iconic singer, speaking once a week. During the interview Em also opened up about how he sometimes finds it hard to show love to his children, now they are getting older and also revealed how he became his own worst enemy.

On speaking wit Elton John  and his battle with drugs he said:

“Elton John calls me once a week. He used to tell me stuff like, ‘You’re going to start seeing certain things you’ve been overlooking’. And it came true.

“I’d walk around like, ‘Damn, that tree does look crazy, look at all those leaves!’ Things I didn’t notice when I was f**ked up.2

On finding it hard to show love to his children as they get older:

“(It’s a) catch-22″ situation. I want to, as a father, express my love for my girls, but I don’t want to go too far with it, where it becomes a hindrance in their lives. When they were younger it was easier.”

And on how he became a cliché and eventually became his own worst enemy:

“I was trapped in my head. I’d spent most of my career going against the grain. Calling bulls**t. And suddenly, I started running out of enemies; I started to become that cliché – my own worst enemy.”


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