Oksana Claims Mel Told Her He Threw TV At Ex-Wife & Hit Son!

If you thought things couldn’t get worse in the whole Mel Gibson saga, then you were wrong. Oksana Grigorieva has told law enforcement authorities probing Mel for domestic abuse, that she once witnessed the Oscar-winning actor/director hit his youngest son Tommy, reports radar online. The Russian singer also claims Mel told her that he once threw a television at his ex-wife Robyn.

A source reveals:

“Oksana told authorities about Mel’s ‘angry outbursts’ toward his own family and friends. She said that Mel, in her presence, hit Tommy, in the head, while they were in a box watching a hockey game. She said Tommy started crying and whimpered for the remainder of the game, choosing to sit by himself, away from his father…

“Mel was telling several times how he threw a TV into her (Robyn) once when they were arguing. Thank god he missed and the TV fell out a second story window.”

Wow, this is way too much. Mel Gibson has some serious issues. It’s prob best he just owns up to it all and just checks himself into rehab.


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