Nicki Minaj Credits Success To Lil Wayne!

Nicki Minaj has exploded onto the hip-hop scene and is flying the flag for female rappers. Although the Queens native was already well known in the US underground rap scene, for her mixtapes, it wasn’t until she signed to Lil Wayne’s Young Money that the self proclaimed Barbie became a bonafied international star…

While speaking with Billboard, Minaj explained how she credits her rapid rise to fame to her mentor Weezy and said she’s not too sure where her career would be without him:

 “He’s been such a major part of my career, I can’t imagine it without him,” She explains. “He definitely put the spotlight on me sooner than I could ever have imagined. Without Wayne, I don’t know.”

Minaj recently revealed her debut album will be called ‘Pink Friday’ and during the interview added that the recording process is going very well:

 “It’s surprising me how good it’s coming out. I didn’t expect to listen to the album and actually have it sound like an album. I’m so used to doing mixed tapes and this sounds like a competitor in the real world.”

‘Pink Friday’ is released Stateside November 23.


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