Lil Wayne Pens New Letter To Fans & Gives A Shout Out To Lindsay Lohan!

With less than three months until he’s released from Rickers Island jail, Lil Wayne has written another letter to fans, where he discusses everything from playing Uno, the lessons he’s learned while being incarcerated and even gave troubled actress Lindsay Lohan a shout out – the ‘Mean Girls’ star is currently in rehab after serving a two week jail term.

Here’s what Weezy wrote:

“What’s poppin?!

Me, I’m good, figured I’d update my glorious fans again. Better sooner than later right? I’ll try to do this more frequently. Well ain’t nothing going on in here but the time, which seems like it’s taking forever. I’m trying to make the most out of every second tho, mentally. There’s some pretty cool people in here. Even though this isn’t a cool place to be. I’ve learned plenty already and the best lesson is to not come back. Last night, I kicked ass in UNO! Anyway, that’s neither here nor there. Just thought I’d let y’all know. Gotta stay hydrated. Though it’s hot, I still work out. Now don’t be expecting me to look like Hercules when I get out, but I should be a little bulky. I guess. Anyways, please remember to always check for your name in the “thank yous”. I’m always reading letters and responding. Off the subject but her Chris, I think you should team up with Kobe! Go Lakers! Hey Lindsey, glad it’s over doll. I should have written her huh? Young Money, you’re the best I ever had. Look out for Nino 3, and I Am Not A Human Being. Coming soon. Mother, I love you. Nae, you’re my angel. Lil Tunechi Jr., you’re the man. Lil Kam, you’re the best heartbreaker. Lil Neal, you’re the littler meatball.

I love you all!” 


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