Jay-Z To Tour With U2!

Live Nation is launching in Australia and their first assignment will see rock legends U2 tour with hip-hop king, Jay-Z. The concert promoters have added Jigga as a special guest to U2′s 360 date tour, which starts in November. The show will begin on the 25th at Mount Smart Stadium in Auckland and conclude on December 18th at the Subiaco Oval in Western Australia…

Jay-Z’s not your average rapper and doesn’t play at your typical hip-hop venues. In 2008 HOV headlined Glastonbury – a move that was unheard of the time. Let’s just say hip-hop wasn’t so ‘common’ at festivals back then, especially at the famous rock dominated Glasto. Jay’s appointment caused a lot media debate and Noel Gallagher wasn’t shy to let people know exactly what he thought, saying that Jay was “wrong” for the festival. He told the BBC: “I’m sorry, but Jay-Z? No chance… I’m not having hip-hop at Glastonbury. It’s wrong.”

Jay took a swipe at Noel in comedic style, by opening his set with the Oasis classic ‘Wonderwall’. Jigga put on a great show, proving his critics wrong and Noel even admitted his comments were a bit harsh: “I said what I said, and it was wrong, or it was taken wrong, and now all this,” Gallagher told NME.

Last week Jay was named the richest man in hip-hop, with an estimated of $63 million made in the last 12 months. With his new tour contract and all his other projects, it’s likely Jay will stay on top of the list for another year running. 


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