Kat Stacks Exposes Soulja Boy !


Just when you thought Kat Stacks had run out of rappers to sleep with and her 15 minutes of fame was over, the infamous kiss n tell is back with a new sex and coke scandal that could possibly ruin Soulja Boy’s career.

Kat Stacks has claimed to have had sexual flings with Nelly, Bow Wow, Fabulous and Lil Wayne, amongst others (many others) and has spoken publically in great detail about all her sexual encounters – A move that has seen her attacked in a bar by two men who claim they were ‘sticking up for Bow and Fab’ and seen her blacklisted from rappers groupie list. Well, so you’d think. Most rappers are staying clear of the fame seeking vixen now they know what she’s like, but not Soulja Boy. The ‘Crunk That’ singer recently had a rendezvoused with Stacks at an Atlanta hotel, where she secretly filmed the 20-year-old rapper and claims he is a “Coke-head” and not very good in bed.

Oh Soulja Boy, what else did you expect when you hooked up with Kat Stacks? I really don’t understand some of these rappers.

Click here to watch the video.


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