Nicki Minaj On Why She wanted To Push Back Album Release & All The Buzz Surrounding Her!

She’s one of biggest new artists on the planet right now, with a VMA nomination under her belt and has been featured on 11 billboard hit singles this year alone. But Nicki Minaj believes that all the buzz surrounding her is not as big as people may think.

Whilst talking with Honey Magazine, the first lady of Young Money revealed that she wanted to push her album release back until next year because she didn’t feel she had a big enough fan base. The Queens native, who’ll release her debut LP Pink Friday on November 23, believes that sometimes people see her as a character, as oppose to a musician…

“People act like I have this really big buzz but I don’t really see it. To be honest, it’s not as big to me as people act like it is. I have to do so much work to promote – more work than other people because people expect me to lose. They think I’m one-dimensional a lot of times…I don’t think people see me as a musician, they see me more as a character and sometimes that is not a good thing. A lot of artists say they want my buzz but I don’t think that buzz is directly related to my music. I think once that album comes out, you guys will understand me as a musician”. 

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