Solange Opens Up About Nas Obsession!

Jay-Z may be her brother-in-law, but it seems Solonge Knowles is more of a Nas fan. Whilst talking with Vibe Magazine, Beyonce’s little sis revealed that as a teenage she was obsessed with the legendary Queens rapper and even got suspended from high school because she refused to remove a poster of him from her locker:

 “At 14 I was obsessed with Mr. Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones and yes I do know his full name (laughs). Every publicist, every artist who crossed paths with him and who knew me was like ‘Yo, you have to meet Solange, she’s like your biggest fan’ I used to get his name encrusted in my nails in junior high. I actually got an in-school suspension over a Nas poster. He had of course the infamous ‘God Son’ tattoo and I had the poster in my locker. I went to a Christian school and the dean of the school told me it was blasphemous to have that picture and I said ‘Well if I take down his poster then the girl four lockers down has to take down her Justin Timberlake poster because he had his shirt off and he had a cross across his chest. So yeah, I didn’t take it down and got suspended…”

Well Nas is single now, so you never know…


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