Lady Gaga Gets Beyonce Diamond Studded Whip!

If Lady GaGa’s your friend don’t expect to receive a boring pair of socks or a bouquet of flowers for your birthday. GaGa doesn’t follow tradition, just ask Beyoncé. According to reports the ‘Paparazzi’ singer presented pal Beyoncé with a diamond studded whip and matching lingerie for her 29th birthday, whilst backstage at Jay-Z and Eminem’s Home & Home concert in Detroit. She also sang her own version of ‘Happy Birthday’ before opening a bottle of bubbly, reports celebrity US blogger Nicole Bitchie

A source said: “GaGa wanted to give her something special. The whip was made out of hundreds of diamonds and leather. When Beyoncé received it she squealed with excitement. The dressing room was decorated with balloons and banners and a lot of champagne had been put on too.”

I bet Jigga liked the gift.


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