Johnny Depp Named Highest Paid Actor In Hollywood!

Hollywood heartthrob Johnny Depp has topped Forbes list to be crowned 2010’s highest paid actor. Last year the Pirates Of The Caribbean star only made it to #9 on the annual list, but came in at #1 this year with estimated earnings of $50 million. Ben Stiller came in second place with $38 million and Tom Hanks came in third place with $30 million. Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliff was the Brit in the top ten, coming in at #6 with $16 million.

Here’s the top 10;

1)      Johnny Depp $50m

2)      Ben Stiller $38m

3)      Tom Hanks $30m

4)      Adam Sandler $26.6m

5)      Leonardo DiCaprio $18.6m

6)      Daniel Radcliff $16.6

7)      Jonut 7th place: Robert Downey Jr $14.6

8)      Joint 7th place: Tom Cruz $14.6

9)      Brad Pitt $13.3

10)   George Clooney $12.6


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