Labyrinth Turns Down Rihanna To Keep It British!

He’s one of the most sort after producers in the UK, with artists queuing to work with him, but Labyrinth plans to keep it British before conquering the rest of the world. The ‘Pass Out’ hit maker – who’s gearing up to release his debut album – has revealed he turned down the opportunity to work with pop superstar Rihanna, opting to work with British artists instead…

“I met Rihanna at a dinner, because Jay-Z‘s Roc Nation label wanted to sign me, but I wasn’t happy with the offer,” he told Bang Showbiz.

“I could work with Rihanna if I wanted to but right now, I’m going to stick to UK artists. I love the idea that our industry and ‘out’ urban industry is coming up. We’ve got loads of Americans coming over here to talk to us about music, so it’s really exciting and we need to create more while the door is open.”

The rising star, who’ll release his debut single ‘Let The Sunshine In’ on the September 27, also revealed that after years of producing, he is finally ready to focus on his solo material:

“I was performing before I was producing, I’ve got the confidence for it, and I believe I’m ready,” he said. “I just love music, it doesn’t matter what I do with it. I’ve learned how to do ‘me’ very well, and I’m ready to break out.”


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