E!’s daily Hollywood gossip show The Daily 10 has been canceled. Host Catt Sadler took to her Twitter to confirm the news:

I was resisting urge to tweet @ D10 cancellation. Hard to sum up 4 1/2 yrs in 140 characters. Devoted fans deserve more. Blog Forthcoming! X

Aww that’s a shame, I really liked the show. I actually preferred it over the E! News show – which it follows everyday. But guess the shows are so similar, so having both is not particularly necessary.

However, some publications are suggesting that the show got the axe due to one of the hosts making a comment about Adam Lambert, that some considered to be homophobic. The reasoning behind the axe is still unknown to the public, so the Lambert comment is still just speculation. But what we do know is that the curtain has officially closed on the Daily 10… R.I.P.


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