West Coast legend Ice Cube is back with a new album and his former NWA partner Dr. Dre is noticeably absent from the rappers new ‘I Am The West’ LP. Whilst talking with, the actor/director revealed that he and Dre had begun recording material for his new project, but then Dre suddenly disappeared during the process, forcing Cube to scrap the tracks…

“Dre went M.I.A.; I don’t know where he at. If y’all find him, tell him to give me a call,” Cube explained. “We did the records, but we didn’t finish them. So, I felt like I didn’t wanna put them out unless they was finished. Or what’s the use? I’ll get ’em finished sooner or later, and put ’em out.”

However, the 41-year-old is not holding a grudge with the legendary producer, insisting Dre had disappeared on other people as well: “It’s cool, he went M.I.A. on Snoop too,” Cube said. “Everybody wanna work with him, so it’s up to him on who he wants to work with, who he don’t wanna work with.”

During the 80s, Dr Dre and Ice Cube were inseparable, but after their group dismantled, Cube admits him and Dre have been distant ever since:

“It’s a distant relationship,” he says. “ It’s been distant ever since I left N.W.A., so I don’t expect that to change. We all went our separate ways back then, we was youngsters. We’re grown now.

“That is what it is. It reminds me of, like, somebody I hung out [with] in high school a lot, but now that you grown, you talk to every now and then. That’s kind of how I look at it.”

Ice Cubes new LP ‘I Am West’ is released September 28.


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