Some people buy fashion magazine’s wishing they looked like the women on the front covers, as the women in the fashion ad campaigns usually look perfect. Fair enough most of the models are unrealistically gorgeous in real life naturally, but a lot if the pics we see on the billboards and magazines are total fabrication. Case in question… Madonna!

Most of us saw Madonna’s new D&G campaign pics and thought WOW, Madge is still looking fabulous at 50. She still looks great, obviously, but not as great as they’d like us to believe. Check out these just leaked re-touched pictures of Madge. And there’s a big difference with the before and after.

So ladies don’t beat yourself over these  so-called ‘perfect’ images. Models aside, what we see is not really the reality.


4 responses

  1. After looking at Madonna’s brushed up photo’s I really wonder if any of the magazine pictures we see are really not brushed up????

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