Has Cheryl Cole Lost Her X-Factor?


I have to admit I was rather peed off with X-Factor last night. In particular Ms Cheryl Cole. Her decision at the judge’s house completely undermined the whole point of the judge’s house stage.

During this stage, contestants have one last chance to prove to their mentor that they should be picked to go through to the live finals. Cheryl was joined by pal, Black Eyed Peas singer Will-I-Am.  The Girls Aloud star – in charge of the girls – picked early show favourite Cher Lloyd and Madonna wannabe Katie Waissel, despite both girls terribly messing up their performances.

In contrast all the other girls gave a stunning performance, but got the boot anyway. Mother of two Rebecca Ferguson is the only one of Cheryl’s pick that gave a great error-free performance and truly deserved her place.

But let’s talk about Gamu for second… 


The 18-year-old Zimbabwean has been consistent all throughout the competition and gave a great performance at the judge’s house. However, the teen, who won over millions of X-Factor viewers, got sent packing back to Scotland, as Cheryl questioned her star potential.

The shock decision caused shockwaves through entertainment forums and social networking sites twitter and facebook, as angry viewers vented their anger at the 27-year-olds shock decision.

But relax people; it seems there’s a little twist in this years show. Apparently the judges have a wildcard and will be able to bring back one of the hopefuls they sent home. And with the backlash following Gamu’s departure, there’s no doubt Cheryl will pick her. Phew, normal service is resumed. Well kind of…

I actually don’t like the whole wildcard idea, as it once again undermines the whole judges house process. But hey, Gamu deserves her chance, so I’m for it.

So… to answer my headlining question, has Cheryl Cole lost her X-Factor? Of course she hasn’t. She’s still got it; she just made a bad error that pissed a lot of fans off. I’m actually more annoyed that Katie went through. She seems so contrived.  

Ms Tweedy better step her game up and not make anymore hiccups, because Nicole Scherzinger did a damn good job while she was away.


10 responses

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  3. Cheryl has failed as a judge, booting out Gamu clearly shows the results are always fixed. Am sure alot of people will stop watching x factor.

  4. Unless Gamu, who performed best yet was dismissed, returns, Cheryl will lose all credibility. For a long time people have said X factor was fixed, I will probably believe it now.

  5. Come on Vanessa are you seriously suggesting that Cheryl Cole really has the final say over who is selected at the judges house to perform on the live X factor shows.
    Its not down to her and you know it! Believe me I totally agree that Gamu is gifted and had a unique sound and tone . But I believe that the producers and the marketing team are doing their level best to create controversy on a similar scale to the Jedward sensation last year! Keeping in a skank (Chole Mafia) untill she embarrassed herself beyond reprieve. And now Cher and Katie who can’t complete an audtition. It’s never been a singing competition, Its all just marketing baby and you know it.

    • You’re totally right. I’m sure the producers are the ones who really have the last say in who goes through. The funny thing is, even though deep down I know this, I still kind of go with the idea that it’s Cheryl’s choice. I guess it makes the show more enjoyable that way. Kind of like the Hills, you know that so much of it is constructed and rehearsed, but you watch it like it’s reality.

      But I hear the X-Factor ‘producers’ are going to pull another shocker next Saturday. Apparently Cheryl has a wildcard, meaning she can recall one of the girls she sent home. Insiders are saying that she’ll shun Gamu again and pick Tracie instead. I’m sure the producers would love that because it would mean more controversy and more headlines. But it would also be at Cheryl’s expense, as it will taint her ‘Nation’s Sweetheart’ image…

  6. If anyone thinks Cheryl is a judge on anything other than business, I pity them. The idea that she can be someone experienced enough to tell if a singer has what it takes is utterly laughable.

    I saw her call an act “contrived” during the audition process, I nearly fell off my chair! “Contrived” is exactly how I’d describe her career up to this point

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