Justin Bieber To Be The New Host Of MTV Show Punked!

Justin Bieber made an appearance at a New York mall in November that created a riot. 

Remember that show that Ashton Kutcher had back in the day, where he used to secretly film celebrities while punking them? Yeh me too, I used to love that show. Well it seems execs at MTV are planning the rebirth of Punk and have none other than teen sensation Justin Bieber on their sights as the new host.

With Justin Bieber on board you’re guaranteed the show will be a hit, even if it’s not good. Bieber’s got so many dedicated teen fans; they’ll by into anything he does. But I’m sure it’ll be a hit. The show was MTV gold and Justin seems like a charismatic guy, who despite being so young has the potential to carry the show.

Here’s what celebrity website Vulture.com are saying about the possible remake:

“…multiple industry insiders tell Vulture that the tween singer has been all but officially tapped as the host of a revival of Ashton Kutcher’s Punk’d for the network, assuming all details can be worked out…. (Ashton Kutcher will) remain as an executive producer of the new series via his Katalyst Entertainment.”

Bring it on I say, I love me a bit of Punked!


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