The Enquire: Whitney Houston Back On Drugs!

national enquirer claims whitney houston needs drug intervention

Celebrity gossip mag, National Enquirer is claiming that Whitney Houston is back on drugs and her nearest and dearest are planning an intervention.

I really hope this isn’t true, I’m such a fan of hers and we’ve watched her destroy her life for so many years with her long running drug addiction. But over the last few years the 47-year-old legendary singer seemed to have gotten her life back on track, so it would be so sad to see her relapse now – especially because she has a young daughter to look after. 

Half the things that are written in The Enquire are not true, so I hope this is one of them.


5 responses

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  2. Whitney has overcome alot of problems, i really hope she is not back on drugs because she has alot of talent which may eventually get wasted away.

  3. Hey, let’s put it in perspective—this is an article in the Enquirer. I don’t think we need to put money on it being true. Other crap I’m reading is talking about her weight gain—so what is it? Drugs or food? I’m betting she’s gaining weight while having to spend so much time on the road. Eating and drug addiction usually don’t go hand-in-hand. All her “friends” coming forward to sell stuff to the rags about her $6K per week habit probably couldn’t be relied upon for the truth if it could save their souls. $6K a week—really—–who all is getting high on that because there is no way one person could do all that, walk and talk.

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