Toni Braxton files for bankruptcy!

Words: By Digital Spy:

Toni Braxton has filed for bankruptcy after admitting that she cannot pay up to $50m (£31m) in debts.

According to TMZ, the ‘Un-Break My Heart’ singer has claimed that she cannot cover her bills because she is only worth between $1m (£627,549) and $10m (£6.2m).

Among the establishments that Braxton has said that she owes money to include the Four Seasons Hotels, Tiffany & Co and the US Internal Revenue Service.

The star has also acknowledged that she may not have not paid bills incurred by the City of LA and both the California and Nevada divisions of the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Braxton previously filed for bankruptcy in 1998.

Some celebrities love to live the high life and continue to spend money like they did during their heyday, knowing too well they can’t afford it, but still try and keep up with the lifestyle. That’s why things like this happen. Regardless of the reasoning, it’s still a saddening subject, but Toni’s a strong girl and has picked her self up from this situation before, so I’m sure she’ll be fine…


5 responses

  1. Bummer! Hope she sorts it out and cuts down on the spending. But she went bankrumpt over ten yrs ago and got back on track. She’s a soilder!

  2. When Toni realised that she did not have much money, she should have changed her lifestyle and become more economical. She should have learnt from her previous experiences.

  3. Toni is a strong black woman, am sure she will over come her problems. She is a surviver, she has survived before so she will do so again, with God’s help.

  4. Times are hard for Toni, but by the Grace of God, she will over come these money problems. Nothing lasts for ever, so she should hold her head up.

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