I ♥ Mark Ronson’s New Album!!!!!

I’m in love with Mark Ronson‘s new album, Mark Ronson & The Business INTL. If you haven’t got it, go get it, it’s amazing. There are no trumpets like the previous album – although I did like the trumpets. With this album you can’t really pin point the genre. It’s ‘techi’ beats, with some soft electric fuses, with hints of pop and dashes of hip-hop. Like I said you can’t really pin point a genre. It’s just amazing. And it features vocals from the likes of rap royalty Q-Tip and Ghostface Killah and the one and only Boy George. Plus Ronson even sings a little bit.

I really liked Versions, but this album trumps his previous LP by miles. My favourite song hands down has to be “Somebody To Love” with Boy George, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve played that on my iPod, it’s just such a GOOD song. And word is the remix may be done by dubstep mystro Benga – Can’t wait to hear that.

Here’s Ronson and Boy George performing “Somebody To Love” live in Glasgow, as part of the MTV Crashes series: 


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