Simon Cowell & Cheryl Cole Talk About The Gamu Controversy!

Supporting role ... Simon Cowell and Cheryl Cole at show launch 

The tabloids have been going crazy over Gamu-gate. First X-Factor fans were lived that Judge Cheryl Cole didn’t pick the 18-year-old favourite to go through to the live stages of the competitions and vented their anger towards the Girls Aloud star. Following a huge public backlash and some death threats, many reports have claimed that Cheryl and Simon Cowell have been arguing because she feels she’s taking all the blame and being made a scapegoat, when in fact the producers apparently ordered her to ditch Gamu over her visa complications.

In a shocking twist to Gamu-gate, now the jilted contestant and her family have been told by Home Office that they must leave Britain and return to their native Zimbabwe. Gosh, it’s all got a bit out of hand to say the least. In a recent interview with the Daily Star, Simon and Cheryl clear up some of the rumours…

Here’s what Simon had to say:

No. Cheryl and I haven’t had a fight, yet! And I certainly couldn’t tell her what to do even if I wanted to. We are helping Gamu and her family as much as possible and have lawyers working with her lawyers, not because we have to but because I really feel for their situation, and that’s outside of the show. We were unaware there would be any problem with her visa until this week.”

Cheryls talks about the backlash she recieved after dumping Gamu:

I just want to set the record straight and tell everyone that the three girls I have chosen to take through to the live shows were chosen by me and Will, and the final choice was, and always is, my decision.I understand completely why everybody felt so strongly towards Gamu. I thought she was great too, like all eight girls. But what the public saw was an edited version of what the audition process actually involves. It is always a tough decision and for me personally, the part I enjoy the least. I would have loved to take all of the girls.I was not aware of Gamu’s situation outside of the competition and I am incredibly sad for both her and her family. But I have to stress that it did not have any influence over my choice.”

Simon chips in and adds:

Its probably the most I have looked forward to a first live show.It’s great to have the two girls back. Dannii looks incredible and now she is a mum with a new baby she’s not going to have any trouble dealing with Louis and his tantrums this year. Personally, I think the fastest cure for Cheryl was probably putting Nicole on the panel. But now we’ve definitely got the old Cheryl back, yesterday proved that.It was my birthday and she sent me a band of dwarves. I mean who on earth would come up with that idea for a present?

Whether it’s the truth or just a carefully calculated answer to water the storm, we’ll never know (for now), so until them lets enjoy the live shows.


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  2. Let’s forget about Gamu and X factor and think about Gamu and her family, who have a big fight ahead to try and stay in uk. We pray justice will prevail.

  3. Gamu’s life is in danger, I hope Simon and Cheryl are more sensitive and really help her family with top lawyers. Our prayers are with her family.

  4. Everybody please pray for Gamu and her family, so that they are allowed to remain in the uk. God will listen to all our prayers. She was a good performer and deserves to prove she has talent.

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