Cheryl Cole | Piers Morgan’s Life Stories {The Full Interview}

Cheryl Cole (pic: Splash)

So I’ve been out all weekend having fun, but all I was thinking about is that I’m missing my Saturday night TV. I know, I’m sad haha. I missed X-Factor – it’s a shame John got voted off last night – and I missed the big Cheryl Cole interview with Piers Morgan. But no need to worry, with the internet you can watch pretty much everything at any time. And I’ve just finished watching the interview now and I loved it. I’ve always been a Cheryl fan, since the early Girls Aloud days, but after watching this I love her even more.

I love her strength, her determination, her openness and her ability to just get on with things, no matter how bad times get. And she does it all without complaining or feeling sorry for herself. Let’s face it; Cheryl’s had an awful year. In February her husband cheated on her (many many many times) and on the morning of her big BRIT Awards performance, pictures of Ashley Cole in his (horrible) white undies were splashed all over The Sun newspaper. That must have been so painful and embarrassing for Cheryl, especially knowing that everyone was talking about her, but she still did her performance and just got on with. She later divorced Ashley, but rather than sit around moping and feeling sorry for herself, she went back to work and started recording her new album and just got on with it.

Then in summer she was diagnosed with Malaria, which nearly killed her. But rather than feel sorry for her self, as soon as she healed she went back to work as a judge on the X-Factor and just got on with it.

Cheryl’s most recent troubles was the infamous ‘Gamugate’, which in the words of Piers Morgan turned the Girls Aloud star from “Mother Teresa  to Cruella Devil” overnight. Cheryl received death threats and was even accused of being a racist. But rather than feel sorry for herself, the 27-year-old once again just got on with it.

I think we as a nation are caught up in this celeb world, where we view celebrities as people to look up to, when the reality is, entertainment aside, quite frankly most of these celebs are not good role models or even worth looking up to. But Cheryl Cole on the other hand is such a huge inspiration, especially to women, and of all ages, backgrounds and walks of live… We salute you Cheryl Tweedy.

Here’s the interview in full. Warning, you might need a hanky at bay.


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