Kid Cudi: “I’m Just Done With Rapping…”

He’s famed for his unique singing style of rap, but it turns out Kid Cudi is no longer interested in rapping and instead wants to branch out on a new rock path. The ‘Day And Night’ star recently told MTV News US that he’s done with rapping and no longer gets any fulfillment from it: “I’m just over rapping. I don’t really get any fulfillment out of it anymore,” he explains. “I don’t really like get fulfillment out of writing a 16 bar.”

He went on to say that he’s more passionate about singing and revealed that after recently learning how to play the guitar; he plans to release a full rock album…

Lil Wayne once ditched hip-hop for rock, and we all no how that turned out. Thankfully Weezy is back to his rapping best with new album ‘I Am Not a Human Being’. But unlike Wayne, Kid Cudi seems like he has a genuine passion for rock, so who knows? Maybe this is his calling…


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