P Diddy Thanks Drake For Giving Him Advice!

I always pictured P Diddy to be one of those arrogant, confident types who believed that because of all his previous musical achievements, he’d think that any artist – new or old – should feel honored to work with him. The man is a legend in the hip-hop entertainment world, so I wouldn’t blame him he did think like that. But it turns out that despite all of his success, the Bad Boy CEO is a lot more humble than I thought…

In a recent interview with 1515, Diddy expressed his appreciation to Drake for taking time out his busy schedule to work on the 40-year-old’s ‘Last Train To Paris’ album and thanked the Canadian rapper for giving him advice:

“To be honest, a lot of cats were busy,” Diddy explains on getting artists to feature on his new project. “I can respect that. But Drake took the time to stop what he was doing and he was the hottest one in the game. He came to my house for two days; we went to Canada for three days.”

He continues: “Drake gave me advice for records when I needed somebody else, a fresh ear and he went above and beyond. I appreciate him for that. This is a big record for us because of that and because of the way he treated me and we didn’t really know each other.

“He treated me with so much respect, so much love. And he’s one of my favorite MCs, period, so working with him was dope.”

Puff Daddy taking advice from Drake, who would have thought…

Diddy and his group Dirty Money are set to release their new album ‘Last Train To Paris’ on December 14.


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