Lily Allen Loses Baby!

My heart goes out to Lily Allen and her partner during this diffucult and painful time. I hope she is surrounded by so much love and has all the support she needs.

British pop star Lily Allen miscarried her unborn baby boy at six months, following a viral infection last week.

“It is with great sadness that we have to confirm that Lily Allen and Sam Cooper have lost their baby,” publicist Murray Chalmers said in a statement.

The couple have requested privacy. No further statements were expected. This was 25-year-old Allen’s second miscarriage, and the news prompted an outpouring of condolences for the singer and her partner from celebrities and fans across the world.

Most celebrities took to Twitter to express their sympathy – model Mylene Klass, who is pregnant with her second child, tweeted, “I am so truly sorry and sad for you both and your family.” Teen heartthrob Justin Bieber offered up prayers for Allen and her family (although his tweet sparked a Twitter war); former Baby Spice Emma Bunton sent thoughts and love; and Denise Van Outen tweeted, “My heart goes out to them.” Fans have done the same, many tweeting or leaving messages on articles and posts, or letters to papers.

Allen told interviewers back in September that she’d spent the first three months of her pregnancy “living in fear” of another miscarriage; the singer suffered one at three months along in 2008. Many applauded Allen for speaking about her miscarriage then and are doing so again now: The news was a major topic on parenting and fertility forums, where the major theme was gratitude that Allen and other celebrities were talking about a topic typically taboo.

“I think it is so brave and amazing for celebrities like Lily to open up about the pain of having a miscarriage,” wrote blogger Kate Torgovnick at, lauding singer Mariah Carey as well for discussing her own miscarriage two years ago. “Miscarriage isn’t something we as a society talk a lot about, but the truth is that 10 to 20 percent of pregnancies end in miscarriage—which means this is an ordeal that a huge number of women go through. It is tough on the body physically and can have a huge impact psychologically—from depression to the deterioration of relationships because people cope differently. Many women who have miscarriages describe feeling incredibly isolated, which is why I appreciate women like Celine Dion, Guiliana Rancic of E! News, and even my own mom for talking about it. It won’t flip a switch and make anyone’s darkest hour suddenly OK, but it will help women see that they are not alone.”

Words by The Periscope Post. 

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