Dizzee Rascal ‘Has Never Met Cheryl Cole’

Despite working together, the rapper claims he hasn’t heard their duet…

Cheryl Cole may have collaborated with MC extraordinaire, Dizzee Rascal, on track Everyone for her new LP, but Mr. Rascal has admitted he has never met Chezza or even heard their duet.

The Bonkers rapper, who features on the Messy Little Raindrops track, has claimed that he hopes their hook-up is a hit, despite not recording the song with the Girls Aloudstar.

The Dirtee Disco hitmaker also said of the song, which will apparently be released as a single next year, that it is a ‘positive’ tune for Cole’s young female fans.

He told BBC1’s Newsbeat: “It’s just a really positive, uplifting song. As a lot of young girls look up to her, it’s all just really positive. I heard the track and I knew what I had to put on it.”

dizzee rascal

Speaking of her sophomore LP, Chez said in a fan interview on YouTube: “I started recording it back in February and there was a real process this time, much more than last time,”

“I’m more excited now, I feel like I’ve found my feet. I know what I want from my album and it’s not as scary doing it on my own. Going on tour with the Black Eyed Peas helped me establish myself.”

The X Factor judge added: “It feels like I’ve had a year in training, this one is more exciting and more me. “You can’t not have input with an album, it takes a big team to make everything happen. You know what you want, the end goal, you just need everyone else around to help it happen.”


Meanwhile, Cheryl herself has claimed that she feels she has ‘found her feet’ when it comes to her solo career, saying that her previous LP, 3 Words, was ‘training’ for Messy Little Raindrops.

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