Kanye West Talks About Kid Cudi’s Cocaine Use And Hails Him As His Favourite Artist!

Kid Cudi Kayne West

Kid Cudi has previously opened up about his battle with cocaine and has openly spoken about entering rehab to try and combat his drug demons. In a recent interview with 97.9 The Box radio station, Kanye West describes his protégé as his personal favourite artist and says the young musicians battle with drugs, helps him relate to people who battle similar struggles everyday…

“Kid Cudi is my personal favourite artist in the world right now” the Runaway star told host Devi Dev. “His music, whenever you see his performances, just his whole take on the game. He’s proper unfiltered, uncensored artistry.”

He continues: “The dark moments that we’ve had, whether it be drug addiction, a loss or a bad relationship – whatever it is – it helps add the fuel to the music. And those life experiences, real people deal with those kinds of things.”

In other Kanye-related news, the rapper has finally opened up about the self made leaked naked pictures that surfaced on the net last week.

“I went to the internet because I’m looking at my Twitter and go to mentions to see what people are talking about and they had like, the link, and I went to it,” Ye told Hot 97. “You cannot imagine how disappointed I was how I got cut off? (Laughs) I’m like, damn. I was like, ‘Ahhh!’ I’m not talking to anybody in this room; I’m talking to the radio right now.

“Was there any ladies commenting? My e-mail did go kinda crazy though. I was getting all types of random e-mails out the blue. A lot of e-mails, a lot of inboxes. This is terrible (laughs).” 

Well at least he saw the funny side…

2 responses

  1. Kanye needs to grow up and stop attention seeking. He is talented, so that should be his strong point instead of putting his ‘foot’ into nonsense.

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