Take That ‘Already Bickering’

Robbie Williams has only been back in Take That for a few months but already the cracks are appearing.

A new ITV documentary, Take That: Look Back, Don’t Stare, to air on 13 November, shows the obvious tensions in the group, including a scene in a recording studio whereGary Barlow admits he finds it hard working with former nemesis Robbie Williams: “There’s always going to be an issue, me working with Rob.” Later Robbie wades in with: “I didn’t sign up to be Gary Barlow’s backing dancer.”

In a new interview with the Guardian to promote the documentary, Howard Donald admitted he was sceptical about Robbie’s return and is unsure how long he will stay. “It was amazing to see Rob and everything, but at the end of the day, I didn’t really know him… We all wanted to do it and I wanted to do it. But in the back of my mind I was thinking, well, he could do anything tomorrow.”

Jason Orange also confessed he spent a long time resenting Robbie’s solo success. “Unfortunately all four of us, especially Gary of course, were being compared for 10 years with Rob’s success,” he said. After Take That disbanded in 1996, Jason travelled around the world and went to college in Manchester, but was constantly reminded of his former bandmate.

“What did my head in, what really vexed me in the 10 years I had off, if I was on a beach somewhere in Thailand or at college – things I loved doing and chose to do – it was always going to be considered by other people as, ‘Oh, he’s taken a step down’, ‘Oh he’s a failure’, while Robbie’s up there, ‘Look at what he’s doing now’,” Jason remembered.

The 40-year-old also had a dig at Gary for hiring a camera crew to film the recording ofProgress, saying he “hated” having cameras there for such a special moment. “I wanted to enjoy Rob, I wanted to enjoy the reunion privately… I didn’t want it to be captured on camera, but it was. Gutted.”

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