X Factor Week Five: All The Live Performances!

X-Factor judges (Pic:ITV)

So the weekend’s here and one of the best things about the weekend is Saturday night TV – X-Factor being the main attraction. And last night didn’t disappoint. Although the general standard of the performances were pretty low – Cher Lloyd went back to rapping and mauled another Jay-Z classic (when will this little girl realize she’s NOT a rapper?). Tesco Mary fell completely flat. Usually the 50-year-old Irish lass gives a great performance, but last night she was totally out of tune and didn’t sound good at all. Word is she’s been a little distressed over Wagna’s behaviour in the house. Speaking of Wagna, I really like him, but the perception that’s coming out of him is not very good: a womanizing, bullying pervert. I don’t believe all the stuff I read in tabloids, so I won’t write the loopy Brazilian off just yet, but sort it out Waggers!

I really like TreyC, her vocals are amazing, but I can’t help but agree with Simon Cowell and Dannii Minogue when the say she hasn’t quite found her ‘thing’ and hasn’t connected with audiences. The Brummi lass has got an amazing voice, she’s one of the best vocalists on the show, but she’s gotta really step her game up. It’s more than just  who’s got the best voice, it’s who’s got the X Factor and who can be a star when the show’s done and dusted and I don’t know if TreyC’s got enough (if any) star power. I really hope I’m proven wrong though, because I really like her, but right now she’s not standing out enough.

I Don’t really have much to say on Katie Waissel.

Now can we talk about Matt Cardle and Rebecca Ferguson for a second? OMG. Sheer brilliance. Rebecca is AMAZING. Beautiful, elegant and so humble. The tone of her voice is so beautiful and as usual, she gave a stunning performance. But for me it was Matt who completely stole the show. WOW, just WOW! He was incredible last night. He’s definitely the one to beat.

I think TreyC, Katie and Paije will be in trouble tonight and possibly in the bottom two. Maybe Wagna as well. Oooohhh can’t wait for the live results show…

Below are the rest of all the performances from last night:

X-Factor the results show live on ITV2 at 8pm.


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