Kid Rock: “I feel Sorry For T.I…”

Last week was a very eventful one in the world of hip-hop; Young Money front man Lil Wayne was released from jail, after serving seven months at Rikers Island prison facility in New York, for gun-related charges and fellow southern MC T.I. was sent back in the slammer for violating his probation terms…
The 30-year-old Grammy winning rapper had only been out of jail for less than eight months, after serving a year long sentence for fire arm charges and is now back behind bars, doing an 11-month stint in a Arkansas jail, following a September drug bust.
TIP’s friend and collaborator Kid Rock has spoken out about the troubled stars situation, saying he “feels bad” for T.I. and believes the sentence was a little harsh.
“It’s sad. He’s such a nice guy. It’s a tricky situation, but I feel bad for him,” the rocker told Entertainment Weekly. “I understand someone’s gotta learn their lesson, and I know they gave him a chance, but there’s a better way his time could be utilized to help other people, something to help the community.”
He continues: “Some of these jail things, I don’t agree with them, especially when you got so much horrid shit going on in the world.”
T.I recently suggested his latest prison stint will improve his music, because he finds his “greatest inspiration” in his “darkest hours.” Well if that’s the case, then new album ‘No Mercy’ should be a classic.
But I do hope this latest prison stint is his last one. T.I. is such a great talent and it would be a shame for him to waste such a wonderful gift…


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