Nadine Coyle & Cheryl Cole Make Up!

Just as I’d predicted, now that Nadine Coyle‘s debut single “Insatiable” totally flopped and didn’t even make the top 20, she’s patched things up with rival and fellow bandmate Cheryl Cole, whose own solo single “Promise This” reached the top spot last week and her second album Messy Little Raindrops is currently #1 on the official UK album charts.

OK I know I’m being completely cynical and slightly mean too, but I just think if Nadine’s song would have done really great, she probably wouldn’t have bothered to contact her bandmates. But hey, whatever be the reason for the reconciliation, Nadine’s a very talented girl, her voice is amazing and I’m glad she’s made up with Cheryl and the rest of the gang.

Nadine and Chezza have reportedly had a secret reunion behind closed doors. According to Closer, sources have claimed that the Girls Aloud singers “ironed out a few differences” after meeting over a glass of wine.

One supposed friend said: “Nadine was sick of the fighting and said it had been going on for too long, so she made the first move after seeing pictures of the rest of the band together at The X Factor.

“All the other girls were invited to Cheryl’s house, but they couldn’t make it so it was just Cheryl and Nadine. It was awkward at first, but Cheryl couldn’t have been more welcoming.

“They both had a lot to say. But after a few hours they both admitted things had been totally blown out of proportion.”

The source continued: “Nadine feels she’s been made a scapegoat, but Cheryl wasn’t letting her off the hook that easily. Cheryl said that she was sick of being made to look like a ‘monster’ for excluding and ganging up on Nadine.

“They talked a lot, and Nadine has spoken to Nicola [Roberts] and Sarah [Harding] on the phone, too. Things have improved, but there’s still some way to go until things are back to the way they were.”

I really like Girls Aloud, so I hope they’ve finally put their differences aside once and for all and really hope they come out with a great new album in 2011.

And on that note, I’m going to leave you with my favorite Girls Aloud song “The Promise”


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  2. Girls Aloud was a good team, its very promising if Nadine and Cheryl have made up. As individuals they are all flops, but united they will stand.

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