New | Professor Green | Jungle {Official Video}

Professor Green is back with a new song and video, the third single from the East Londoner’s debut album Alive ‘Till I’m Dead sees the 26-year-old MC step away from his comedic light entertainment pop/grime style that mainstream audiences have become familiar with and sees the rapper, real name Stephen Manderson, revisit his grime roots.

The beat is a lot more grimy and intense and the lyrical content is about the ‘real’ Hackney – the side they don’t want you to see.Big up to Pro Green for making music for music, and not just to chart and shift units.

He’s built up a heavy mainstream following over the last 12 months, so hopefully these new pop fans will appreciate real grime music. Believe me when I say 2011 is the year grime went mainstream. All the watered down stuff you heard in 2009/10 isn’t grime music, but it was a very important part of the journey. And just looking at the video for “Jungle” and hearing how ‘underground’ it sounds, just proves that real Grime is now starting to come to the forefront.



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