Kanye West’s Today Show Interview w/ Matt Lauer (full version)

Kanye West recently cancelled his upcoming scheduled performance on the Today Show, following his disapproval to this interview. West later took to his twitter too express the following…

I’m not performing on the Today Show for obvious reasons. I’m so happy the world got to see just a small piece of “the set up”

I blatantly said I’m not performing on a tweet and to everyone around me and the next day they still announced a performance.

Do you guys see what I’m saying now… this is just a small slice of the day to day bullshit that goes on that helps to precipitate…

… the idea that I such an asshole…. cause when I don’t perform oh noooow I’m the one that’s crazy or a jerk!

If I hadn’t tweeted about how they set me up at the show they would have never played the extra footage that displayed how disrespectful…

I want you guys to look at that footage and start to put everything together now. It’s very simple to call someone angry or spoiled or…

the one thousand names I’ve been called but it’s harder to try to take a look at what’s really behind the curtain.

I’m so happy that my real fans are not as “basic” as the media makes them out to be… Did you see them try to justify playing the audio under my interview. Yo sometimes you’re just wrong and it ain’t nothing you can say to justify it believe me I know!

Right now I’m not complaining. I’m tweeting because I’m so happy you guys got to see this shit really go down!!!!! : ))))))!!!! FINALLY!!!

…And I don’t hate Matt Lauer… We don’t promote hate. That’s the whole point!!! I promote love and truth!

… we’re all products or our environments … reflections of our surroundings…

You know what ….WE OFF THAT!!!… They made a mistake… they thought they could pull it but they couldn’t! That was just a small representation of a bigger media play that’s been going on since the beginning of time.

All positive energy … all smiles. Much love to Matt and the whole Today Show. I accept ya’ll future apology in advance LOL!

I can kind of understand Kanye’s frustration to the situation. But then again Matt Lauer is one of those hard topic picking journalists – kind of like Jeremy Paxman – who tackles the controversial issues that others may pussyfoot around (pardon my French). I admire Kanye’s vulnerability in this interview, especially his apology to Bush. In that split second he wasn’t Kanye the confident multi platinum selling rapper, he just seemed down to earth and very relatable to the average person.

But then he told the staff to be quiet when he was talking and had a bit of a moan about them playing the tape of him gate crashing Taylor Swift‘s MTV acceptance speech – which slightly erased his previous vulnerable relatable moment.

I think Kanye’s fans will definitely understand where he was coming from and why he was so upset by it – I totally get his frustration. But I think the Today Show (and NBC’s) target audience may not fully understand Kanye’s reaction. And I think this is the audience he was mainly appealing to when doing this interview….

Who knows?! That’s just my two sense anyway. Thought I’d throw it in there.


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