Plan B: “I’m not going to water down my hip hop…”

Over the last 12 months Plan B has become a household name and is now one of the biggest rising stars in the UK music scene. The 26-year-olds unique blend of singing and rap has proven to be a huge hit with mainstream audiences and his chart topping sophomore album ‘The Defamation Of Strickland Banks’ has won widespread critical acclaim.

The budding actor/director has revealed that his third studio album will see him return to his hip-hop roots, but the humble MC is not so confident about the commercial success of his upcoming rap project…

“They’ll probably hate it. I’ll probably drop back into obscurity again and everyone will think I was a one-hit wonder,” Plan B tells The Metro. “People who are fans of good music will like my hip-hop record but how the whole Plan B thing went crazy this year, I don’t think they’ll go crazy like that over the next album,” he explains. “I might release it for free. I’m not doing a long campaign like I did for this one.”

The east Londoner went on to say that although he doesn’t mind being a commercial artist, he won’t water down his hip-hip music to cater to mainstream radio: “I’m not going to water down my hip hop. I’m not going to do what radio want. That’s selling out.

“I want to swear and talk about f**ked up s**t. If I want to talk about something radio won’t play, why should that stop my creativity?

“Hip hop can be so vivid. As soon as I take out the swear words and go from something dark to going on about partying and drinking champagne it’ll be the same as all the other s**t out there. That’s not poetry. I’ll do different types of music on a major label and put out my hip hop independently.”


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