Lethal B: “Pow 2011”

Six years after the original, Lethel B is back with “Pow 2011”. But let’s talk about the original for a second…

It’s 2004, I was 18 years old and “Pow” was one of the biggest songs on the underground and club scene (it eventually reached number 11 in the official charts). “Pow” was HUGE, the beat, the energy, the flow, the bars, everything. It even got banned in a number of clubs – people got way too excited when that song came on *flashbacks of teenage raving*

Bizzle is back for round two. None of the original members are on it (I hear they had a major falling out over £££ but it could just be hearsay).  The former More Fire Crew grime star has come back with a bigger and better line up: it features Wiley, Chipmunk, JME, Ghetto, P Money, 2Face and Kano. That’s a big line-up.

On early impressions, my favourite verse is Wiley’s. The Godfather of grime went IN! I don’t think it will be as big as the first one, the first one was iconic (in it’s own context), but I think it’s a damn good attempt. #POW2011


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