Beyonce Speaks Out On Pregnancy Rumours!

Beyoncé’s arguably one of the most private people in the music industry. Despite being one half of one of the most famous couples in showbiz, the Grammy-winning singer somehow maintains a very private lifestyle and rarely talks about personal issues.
Whilst promoting her upcoming ‘I Am…’ Tour DVD, the ‘Single Ladies’ singer gave a rare in-depth insight to her personal life, speaking out about the recent pregnancy rumours:
“It was nothing then and there’s nothing now,” the 29-year-old explained to Nightline. “It will be one day, definitely one day. One of the reasons why I haven’t had a child yet because I feel like there’s certain things I wanted to do before I had a child so I can really, really focus on being a mother. I’m getting closer to that point, but I’m still in such a great place in my career that I feel like I want to wait until I’m really, really ready.”
She continued: “It’s difficult because one day I will decide to have a child and I want people to be excited, their going to be like ‘Lord, okay whatever she’s been pregnant 25 times.’”


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