Rihanna To Collaborate With Susan Boyle?

Susan Boyle recently pipped Rihanna to the number one spot on the Billboard charts. Over the last few weeks, The Britain’s Got Talent sensation has consistently shifted over 300,000 copies of her holiday album ‘The Gift’  – leaving Rihanna to debut at a modest number three with her latest album, ‘Loud’.

But there’s no hostility between the female singers and Yahoo News is reporting that SuBo now wants to collaborate with the Bajan star:

“There are certain types of music that you’re good at and certain types that you’re not,” the Scottish singer explained. “I mean, would I be good at R&B? I suppose you never know. Maybe me and Rihanna could get together.”

On hearing SuBo’s duet invitation, the 22-year-old songstress took to her twitter to share her excitement.

She tweeted: “Hold up! I might be a lil late, but just heard that THEE SuBo wants to collab wit ME??!? I’m game, doesn’t get much cooler than this. #BOOM.”

SuBo and Rihanna – now that’s a collaboration I think we’d all like to see…


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