Justin Bieber: “The UK is Depressig…”

Justin Bieber has revealed that he is not a fan on England… because the weather is “very depressing.”

The U Smile singer appeared on Radio 1 with Fearne Cotton earlier today, only to confess that he is not a fan of the UK, but in true JB fashion he does love the girls.

When asked about his stay in Blighty, Bieber moaned: “I couldn’t live here because the weather’s depressing. Very depressing. But I like the girls!”

Justin was also quick to add that he still only has eyes for one particular British girl, after flirting with our favourite Geordie on last weekend’s The X Factor, telling Fearne that Cheryl Cole is “fit”.

Bieber’s interview with Cotton was the first time the pair had met since their infamous “falling out” at Radio 1’s Big Weekend in the May, and Justin seemed to be still on edge with the presenter, giving one-word answers to many of her questions.

Despite obvious tensions between the pair, Justin did manage to tell Cotton about his most embarrassing moment since hitting the big time, telling the Radio 1 hostess: “I’ve had a couple. One of them actually happened here.”

He added: “I was performing with Taylor Swift on stage at Wembley and I broke my foot. I was running and rolled my ankle and broke my foot.”

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