Ciara Not Worried About Album Sales!

When Ciara burst onto the scene in 2004 with her debut album, ‘Goodies’, she firmly cemented her place in R&B, and was dubbed the “First Lady of Crunk&B“.

Six years later, the 25-year-old songstress continues to bring out albums, but her previous LP, ‘Fantasy Ride’, failed to reach the same height of success as her earlier work.

On Wednesday night, CiCi hit up LA for her new album’s release party.  She recently caught up with the Associated Press to discuss touring, blogs and revealed she’s not worried about how many units her new record (Basic Instinct) sells.

Here are some extracts from the press conference, courtesy of Rap-Up:

AP: How do you feel when people say that your star as singer has fallen?

Ciara: Even though my last album didn’t do as well as my previous ones, I was still able to go out and make money and tour. Every day is not always the perfect day. Artists that I have loved and admired, who have had a long career, have not had every record or song or video that was always the right choice.

AP: With your previous album not selling well, are you concerned about what type of numbers you put up for “Basic Instinct”?

Ciara: Selling records are becoming smaller fraction of branding and building a long-lasting career. You can sell a lot of records, but can you tour. You can sell records, but where does it go beyond that? That’s a part of building a brand for yourself.

AP: So at this point of your career, going on tour has bigger precedence over album sales?

Ciara: Absolutely. If you can walk away from your career and are successful touring, you’ll always be straight. Artists like Madonna have been doing it for years. She may put out one single, do a tour and gross over $200 million.

AP: You are in the blogs almost every other day. Was there anything you read that rubbed you the wrong way?

Ciara: It used to be funny to me when people would say, “Oh, Ciara is going Hollywood.” And you know what, I have gone Hollywood. I do want to make Hollywood money. But it doesn’t mean that I’ve changed who I am as a person. I haven’t changed because of the people who I hang out with now. I’m still the same person as I was before.


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