Tinie Tempah Talks New Album!

Tinie Tempah has revealed that he’s already started making plans for his second album. The ‘Pass Out’ rapper’s debut album, ‘Disc-Overy’, shot to number one in October, and continues to churn out hits. But, the south London MC is thinking ahead and is already cooking up ideas for his follow up LP…

He told X Magazine: “Well my tour kicks off in February, but apart from that I’m going to be abroad a lot in Australia and America writing my second album to draw inspirations from a few different places. And then the second album, and then going on tour again in November! And hopefully I’ll do a few side projects with some of my favourite artists.”

The 22-year-old grime star also revealed that he may explore with electronic sounds for his sophomore record: “I don’t want to give anything away yet but maybe a live and an electronic thing, a few different creative pieces. Basically next year’s plan is to just keep it moving and keep on getting bigger and better.”

Tinie releases new song ‘Invincible’, which features Kelly Rowland, December 27.

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