Forbes 20 Highest Earners Of 2010!

Forbes have released their annual list of top earners of 2010, and there’s no surprise  that Oprah took the number one spot, ranking in a whopping $315 million over the last 12 months. Hollywood producers James Cameron was at number two, with $210 million. Despite his dirty laundry being aired so publicly and losing a number of high paying endourment deals, Tigar Woods still came in at number 5, with an impressive $105 million.

Beyonce was the second highest earning female of the list, and highest earning popstar, ranking in $87 million, to take the 9th place. Britney Spears, Madonna, Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga all made the list. X-Factor supremo, Simon Cowell, was the only Briton to make the list, coming in 11th place with $80 million.

Here’s the full list:

1. Oprah Winfrey, $315 million
2. James Cameron, $210 million
3. Tyler Perry, $125 million
4. Michael Bay, $120 million
5. Tiger Woods, $105 million
6. Jerry Bruckheimer, $100 million
7. Steven Spielberg, $100 million
8. George Lucas, $95 million
9. Beyoncé, $87 million
10. Dr. Phil, $80 million
11. Simon Cowell, $80 million
12. Jerry Seinfeld, $75 million
13. Britney Spears, $64 million
14. Lady Gaga, $62 million
15. Madonna, $58 million
16. Sandra Bullock, $56 million
17. Ellen DeGeneres, $55 million
18. Miley Cyrus, $48 million
19. Taylor Swift, $45 million
20. Judge Judy Sheindlin, $45 million


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