When Nicki Minaj and Kanye West both released their albums at the same time in late November, last year, Yeezy pipped the self-proclaimed Barbie to the number one spot on the Billboard charts…

With Kanye’s artistic ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ securing the top spot, Nicki’s ‘Pink Friday’ was left to debut at an impressive (but modest) number two.

Although she didn’t win the initial chart battle, it seems as though the first lady of Young Money is swiftly coming out on top.

Nicki’s debut LP has shifted more units than Kanye’s record in sales each week since its first week release. And now Nielson Sound Scan is reporting that ‘Pink Friday’ has been certified platinum, selling over a million copies just six weeks after its release date.

“A part of me expected it, because I wanted it so bad,” Nicki tells MTV News US on the huge commercial success of her debut album. “But I never saw all of this,” she added.

Pink Friday? More like Platinum Friday.


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