Nicki Minaj: ‘Drake and I Will Have Creative Kids’

This past weekend, London went absolutely bonkers for Young Money’s first lady. Nicki Minaj’s first trip to the UK caused quite the hysteria on this side of the pond. With a group of dedicated Barbie’s (Minaj’s die-hard fans) camping outside her hotel 24-7, the New York native was formally asked to leave the Dorchester Hotel. And her scheduled appearance at Runway club in Central London was scrapped, due to security safety reasons…

But it wasn’t all paparazzi, screaming fans and (reportedly) high paying club appearances. The 26-year-old rapper was here on business – to promote her ‘Pink Friday’ album. While the flamboyant star did a whole bunch of press whilst in the capital, it was her interview with Tim Westwood on BBC Radio 1 that was the most entertaining. During their chat, the self-proclaimed Harajuku Barbie shared her thoughts on what type of children her and label-mate, Drake would have.

“I think they’ll definitely have my personality,” Minaj playfully told Westwood. “My mother-in-law will be super beautiful, so that’s good ’cause Drake’s mom is freaking amazing. I love her. They’ll have Drake’s intelligence, they’ll have his sarcastic wittiness that I love about him, and they’ll have his songwriting skills.”
She continued: “I think we’ll just make a real creative bunch of kids. Wait, did I just say that me and Drake will make kids?”

The ‘Your Love’ star later admitted that her and Drake’s relationship is actually more like that of a brother and sister. She added: “I think that would be like incest or something.”

While the Young Money superstars may not be getting together in real life, the pair will get married in the up-coming music video for ‘Moment 4 Life’ from Minaj’s ‘Pink Friday’ LP.



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