Lady Gaga New Single Coming This Friday!

I’m a big Lady Gaga fan so I was happy when Gaga took to her twitter to announce her new highly anticipated single ‘Born This Way’ will be released this Friday – woohoo. I wonder what the video is gonna look like… Can she top ‘Telephone’ and ‘Bad Romance’? That will be a hard task, but there’s so much creativity in that woman, that I’m sure it’s possible.

Speaking of Gaga, Chris Brown recently took to his twitter to ask his fans if he and the ‘Paparazzi’ star should team up for a collaboration at next year’s Superbowl. Errmm… I like Chris Brown and everything, but somehow I don’t see that happening anytime soon. Sorry Breezy.


2 responses

  1. Gaga has worn every stupid attire she can wear, now she has to be naked , with stupid pink shoes. I really hope her music will be different and better.

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