Butt Implants: The Search For Perfection!

Check out this good read from MTV\’s Wrap Up:

I’m sure most of you are aware of the young British girl who flew to Philadelphia recently for butt implants. 20-year-old Claudia Seye Aderotimi flew to America for the surgery, which was performed in a hotel. It turns out that Claudia found the procedure online and opted to travel to the States as it was a cheaper option in comparison to getting the cosmetic injections here in the UK. The fact that Claudia would agree to the procedure being completed in a hotel tells a sad story of how some women would go to such lengths to search for perfection…

Claudia described herself as a “*Model* Actress* Singer* Dancer* Doctor* that’s about it*” on her Twitter page. I looked at her feed and it was clear to see that she wanted to be involved in the entertainment world as a tweet on January 12 read, “I wanna be Famous.”

This case has further highlighted the lengths that young women will go to in order to gain fame. It’s even sadder when a tweet that the 20-year-old typed, said: “G.R.O.D.T. GET RICH OR DIE TRYING.” Sometimes you can’t blame young girls who chase the dream of the perfect image; because they see people they look up to in the entertainment world having surgeries of their own.

You only have to look at one of the most successful female rappers in hip-hop, Lil Kim. It would appear the rapper has had a number of surgeries, ranging from skin lightening to cheek implants. When looking at before and after pictures, you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking she is a totally different person to the Kim that we were introduced to back in the early 90s.

Lil Kim’s last album came in 2005 and since then the rap world hasn’t seen another queen of hip-hop, but all has changed thanks to Nicki Minaj, some would say. Born Onika Tanya Maraj, the femcee is said to have had butt implants of her own, as well as a nose job and breast implants. So with such big stars in the mainstream media going under the knife in order for them to find perfection, it’s not hard to see why some women lean towards surgeries of their own.

As well as Nicki and Kim, there are many other artists who have had plastic surgeries and most have been well documented in the media. There are also the hip-hop music videos, which seem to cast a certain type of female – the women known as ‘video vixens’. One of the most successful vixens is Vida Guerra, who has had a very successful career due to being cast in various hip-hop videos and has gone on to be a model. Vida is said to have had plastic surgery, with breast enlargement.

These women seem to be looked down on in the videos, as a lot of the time they are wearing close to nothing and are simply there for the male gaze. Young females look to music videos as an entry level into higher grounds, such as film, modelling or singing. However, as with Claudia, you can see that there are sacrifices to be made in order to reach what is seen as perfection in the media’s eyes.

Rihanna is someone who has seen her latest video for ‘S&M’ being heavily criticised. It’s been banned in some countries, while only being played at certain times in others. Not to mention the radio edits and playing restrictions, as well as the YouTube controversy. However, even though there is a lot of criticism towards the video, it is this that brings a lot of publicity, which has worked in favour of the artist.

The album just climbed back up to number 5 on the US Billboard chart and the song has already reached number 1 in some countries, while continuing to climb the charts worldwide. The 22-year-old singer is aware of her young fans and knows they look up to her, so you would think she would tone down her image at times, but it seems she is getting more and more sexual as time moves on.

It is said that sex sells, and yes, even Marks & Spencer’s use it in their adverts with food that looks almost too good to eat. However, the entertainment industry needs to take a good look at itself and see that there are many cases, like Claudia’s, of young girls going after a definition of ‘perfection’ which has been fed to them through media and things have not gone accordingly. She was only 20 years old and had her whole life to look forward to, but in the end, sadly her life was lost after chasing the dream. Something needs to be done, and fast in order for young girls to be happy with who they are, rather than trying to be someone else.

Words: Brady Kinghorn (@BradyLondon)


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